Interfaith Officers, Board, and Other Members

President, Anne Flynn (Grace Episcopal Cathedral)
Vice-President, Russell Hultgren, (Latter-day Saints)
Secretary, Stephan (Steve) Henry (Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church)
Treasurer, Kate Hamilton (The Bahai faith Community of Topeka)
Past President, Kahlil Green (Islamic Center of Topeka)
Board Members
Janet Crowl (First Baptist Church)
Larry Dixon (Southern Hills Mennonite Church)
Gwen Elliott (Highland Park United Methodist Church)
Jean Hazelwood (Pagan Tradition)
Kathy Henry (First Church of Christ,Scientist)
Dan Kingman (Atheist Community of Topeka)
Linda Martin (St. David’s Episcopal Church)
Rebecca Otte (PrairyErth Zen Center)
Kelly Perkins (Temple Beth Shalom)
Paul Porter (Unity Church of Christianity)
Stephanie Shuttera (Temple Beth Shalom)

We are always looking for new board members. If you or someone you know are interested in joining us, please contact us for more information.

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