Annual Meeting 2008

Annual Interfaith Meeting
Islamic Center of Topeka
 Tuesday, January 29, 2008 6:00 pm

1.   Location: At Crossing of 27th St and Kentucky St.
2.   Address: 1115 SE 27th St, 66603.
3.   Parking on Kentucky Street Side. Extra parking on 27th St along the fence and on Kentucky St.
4.   Entrance of Center is from parking lot on Kentucky St. and not from 27th St, which is front of    the building.
5.   Meeting Starts at 6.00PM.
6.   Please enter to Community Hall from any door. Ignore sister and brothers written on the top of the door.
7.   Taking of Shoes is preferred in case if you have to go to the prayer hall which opens from community hall. Taking of shoes is not needed if you want to be only in the Community Hall.
8.   Casual and clean dress needed. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are discouraged.
9.   Head scarves by the ladies are only needed if going to Prayer Hall.
10.  Restriction on pot-luck Food. No Pork products and no wine or lard cooked food. Anything else is ok.
11. Program as per Interfaith.
12. Table and chairs will be in round table conference style with podium and mike at one corner.
13. Please call me or Imam Omar Hazim if there are any other questions or concerns. My cell number is 785 6085879.Omar Hazim Cell number is 221 3568.

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